How to Make Muscles at Home Without Equipment

Without going to the gym and maintaining fitness without strong training and strengthening the muscles is not less than a big challenge. But if you want to work out without any equipment, you will not face too many problems. This 6-minute workout also has 10-15 seconds to relax after an exercise. So there is no need for more time and equipment to stay fit. Take only 6 minutes and stay fit. let see how to Make Muscles at Home.

Jumping Jack

This workout is very easy and it benefits the whole body. If you want to work out the flower body then it is one of the better options for you. Stand upright to do this, then lift the hands up and lift the legs up and then spread the legs, come down and come into normal condition. Take this exercise for 2 minutes. After that rest for 10 seconds.


With the chest and shoulders widening, it is also a better workout for stomach muscles by strengthening the hands. Take this one minute in your 6-minute workout too. When doing this, keep in mind that when you go upwards, pull the mother-in-law in and take the breath out while coming down. After doing it for one minute, rest for 10-15 seconds its a easy and effective exercise for Make Muscles at Home.

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Make squats for 2 minutes to strengthen the leg muscles in your 6-minute workout. Squats your waist is beneficial for knees and leg muscles. Stand upright to do this and keep a little difference between the legs. Raise both hands and bring it to your shoulders. Now letting the weight of the knees load slightly, try to sit in the same way as if sit on the chair. Keep the waist straight during this. After doing this, rest for 10-15 minutes.

Trips Dip

To do this you can take the help of the chair. This workout is very beneficial for the thighs muscles with hands. During this, the full load of your body comes to your hands. Whenever you are upstairs, pressure is also on the feet with hands and the muscles are strong. Do this for a minute.

Conclusion – To keep your body fit and protect from diseases, exercise regularly. For this, if you can not take out the hours, then only take few  minutes.

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