Know the Symptoms of Thyroid in Women

Know the Symptoms of Thyroid in Women

In today’s time the problem of thyroid has become quite common, which is suffering from this problem. However, compared to men, thyroid problem is more common in women, which can increase further with increasing age. Generally, some people do not even know what is thyroid and what causes it. In this case, first of all it is very important to know what is thyroid and Know the Symptoms of Thyroid in Women.

What Is Thyroid?

Thyroid is one of the endocrine glands found in the human body. Thyroid gland is above the respiratory tube in the neck, which is shaped like a butterfly. This gland creates thyrmicin, a hormone which keeps the sensitivity towards body energy, protein production and other hormones in control. This problem is caused by hormones, causing thyroid gland to affect almost all metabolism processes in your body, and now its turn to Know the Symptoms of Thyroid in Women.

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Most Important Symptoms of Thyroid in Women

  • Gaining weight :- Due to thyroid, the rates of metabolism slow down. This means that the food you eat is not being used properly for your energy needs. As a result, fat rash and weight starts to grow in your body.
  • Tiredness :- If the body starts to feel exhausted or weakness, then immediately consult the doctor, because the metabolism does not change the food eaten with the effect of thyroxin on the energy, then the body feels fatigue and weakness. Apart from this, the cause of fatigue can also be anemia.
  • The disease-resistant capacity becomes weak :- When thyroid becomes weak, the body’s immune system weakens. Because the immune system is weak, he is suffering from many diseases. The person suffering from thyroid problem starts to feel tired soon. His body remains dull. He becomes lazy and the energy of the body begins to end.
  • Chest pain :- If you have thyroid, then heartbeat may also be affected. This irregularity in heart beat may cause severe pain in the chest.
  • Stomach disturbances :- The problem of constipation begins when thyroid is present. Due to which there is difficulty in digesting food, food can not easily fall below the throat.
  • Mental depression :- Most women often go into depression in thyroid disease. This problem arises due to the chemical changes in their body. Because of which she does not feel like doing any work and she starts feeling lonely. Not only this, it also affects your memory.

Thyroid disease is detected by the blood test. Doctors advise those women to undergo thyroid testing, in which these types of symptoms are found. If you have these problems then consult the doctor and get the proper treatment.

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