Do and Do Not Do in the First Three Months of Pregnancy

What to Do and Do Not Do in the First Three Months of Pregnancy

As the pregnancy is confirmed, the process of consultation begins. Confusion sometimes increases with advice from here and there. In such a case it is most important that a woman who becomes a mother knows that when she has to do it? What not? According to doctors, the early three months of pregnancy have a lot of significance. If women are careful in this period, their child is neither premature nor physically handicapped.

That is why you should take care of these things. So that your child can stay healthy, and let’s know what to do and do not in the first three months of pregnancy.

Do Not DoThis Thing in the First Three Months of Pregnancy–

Do not lift heavy stuff:- The whole time of pregnancy is very careful, but before the first three months of pregnancy, the heavy stuff should not be taken too much. Because doing so leads to bleeding risk. Leaving heavy luggage leads to the pressure on the stomach. This can also cause problems in a stomachache.

Do not eat hot things:- Hot foods should not be consumed during pregnancy. The way the heated substance should not eat more dry fruits. Because doing so often leads to the problem of getting blood from the vagina. That’s why you should be especially careful about the first three months.

Do not eat papaya:- Consumption of papaya is believed to increase the possibility of falling pregnant women. Due to which the risk of miscarriage increases many times. That is why you should not even eat papaya. Because it contains more vitamin-C content. This can break the womb.

Do not use celery:- The use of celery should not be done more during pregnancy. Because celery drinks are hot, and the consumption of hot cheese can cause problems of pregnancy for the first three months.

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What to Do During the Third Month of Pregnancy

  1. In the third month of pregnancy, the pregnant mother should consume foods rich in vitamin B 6. The pregnant woman should include citrus fruits, eggs, green leafy vegetables and potatoes in their diet.
  1. During the pregnancy, fresh fruits should be consumed during pregnancy to avoid lack of vitamins in pregnancy. To be energetic in pregnancy, the diet should include grains and bread, flour, rice like simple carbs and potatoes.
  1. Eating protein, chicken, mutton, and fish during pregnancy is very beneficial if you are non-vegetarian. Pregnant women should eat things such as beet, chikoo, porridge, bran, pods, oranges, potatoes, broccoli, and eggs.
  1. During a pregnancy urine test, diagnostic test, periodic checkup, blood pressure checkup, sugar checkup etc. should be done so that any problem can be corrected earlier. If you have any fear, anxiety or other problem with pregnancy, then you should talk to your doctor or gynecologist.

Be prepared for the physical change in your body mentally during pregnancy and do not stress even the changes to the changes. Start wearing lightweight and loose clothes from the third month of pregnancy.

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