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Health is the trending life goals set of people who see their lives in a way different. Being healthy gives you the reason to live freely and enjoy bits of it. Health and fitness write for us work by boosting the capable writers to initiate and contribute write-ups in the field of health, nutrition, fitness, home remedies, beauty, cancer, diet and weight loss, and other related information. Exercise write for us emphasizes on giving quality material to customers related to exercise’s importance, exercises for a particular fitness goal. We require people who have passion and satisfactory skills for health and fitness blog write for us. The focus is mainly on health-related articles for now. Be the contributor in writing and this never before opportunity on the global site is just for grabbing and starting up for career and show your talent to the world.

To be able to write blogs and articles for “write for us”, the writer has to follow some guidelines, without which writers articles and blogs will not accept. These directions help us set our expectations and requirement for the site to the writers.

  • Be original: Initially, many write-ups are copied content which has no newness in it. Require only those writers who wish to work for their writing passion and showcase their skills and knowledge to the world in a right manner.
  • Minimum word limit: A minimum of 1000 words an article or blogs is acceptable. 10-15 words above the limit are acceptable but not a single word below the limit is not.
  • Uniqueness: Your work is not what you do just to earn, but it is something that defines you or that creates you. So, creating yourself in the eyes of the world should be uniquely presented. The unique content work will only be allowed as we aim at providing different and exclusive information to readers.
  • New writers: To be noticed fast for your talent, at least write 1-2 articles or blogs per week. This would give the writer an improved content quality every day and experience fast.
  • No adult content: This global site health + write for us + guest post prohibit adult content. The writers are strictly guided to not write adult content which may result in suspension and non-acceptance of their work.
  • Meaningful: You need to write meaningful after observing properly because this is the matter of the reader’s health and fitness. Meaningful content gives the readers a positive impact.
  • Writer’s bio: Writers can even also add up the bio for letting its readers know about them. This will give the idea to readers about the real person behind the relevant information and their writing skills.
  • Be fictitious: Writers are advised to be imaginary but with the best outcomes. Come up with the new ideas and techniques for readers. Use pictures for clear description and increased knowledge.
  • Short paragraphs: Use short paragraphs as this gives the reader a positive vibe to read the whole article and blog at once. Long paragraphs threaten the reader and yet they think to skip it.
  • Be specific: Don’t just write only on imaginaries. Be specific in the write-ups. ‘Specific’ word here means to give the customer the assurance about your provided information. It should look real.

Providing the best information to trainers or nutritionists or fitness freaks, these guidelines are the rules which every writer needs to fulfill before their work proceeds. Writers can share their experiences on health, fitness, weight loss journey through articles, blog or videos. After all, the writer is the one who shares the experience with the knowledge. Being healthy and fit is the ultimate requirement for every person. Write the articles and present it to the world through nutrition + write for us.

To share your write ups, writers can mail us with their sample writings. Interested ones can take a step forward and create the magic of their writing skills and make readers happy.

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  • Contact us at [email protected] (include what you’re going to write about)
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  • Share your knowledge with us and we share it all over the world.